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Bobo Campers ZA

Bobo Campers was started in 1991 in Durban. Since then we have grown from strenght to strenght, and are now situated close to Johannesburg International Airport, in Cape Town and in Windhoek, Namibia.

The supplier is a family operated rental company specializing in only motorhome rental for the individual as well as for group tours.

This means that we can concentrate only on one type of leisure vehicle (a motorhome), and all our resources are therefor used to present a top quality product at affordable rates.

We know motorhomes, and also know that travelling by motorhome is the best way to enjoy and experience Africa with all its wide open spaces and natural beauty. We have four models to choose from. They range from the four berth Iveco Discoverer 4, the spacious 6-berth Iveco Discoverer 6, and now also the tough Nissan Patrol 4x4 Discoverer X. Whatever your needs, we're sure to have a motorhome that is suited for you.


South Namibia Tour
Branch: Windhoek
Vehicle: Discoverer 4
By Louis
Pick Up Procedure / Service  
Overall Rating:   
Overall excellent but the vehicle needs better screws for the corrugated roads + Toilet was not working after a few days. We had also another vehicle for 4 other person and used the Discoverer 4...
North East South Africa Trip
Branch: Johannesburg International Airport
Vehicle: Discoverer 4
By Hans
Pick Up Procedure / Service     
Overall Rating:    
After several earlier visits to Southern Africa, when we used a roof tented 4X4, it was the first time that we traveled with a motorhome. Although it limits the possibilities of traveling like in...
Kruger Park Road Trip
Branch: Johannesburg
Vehicle: Discoverer 4
By Esme
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:    
Overall a good experience - will make use of a camper again!

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Bobo Campers ZA Insurance

The risk of an accident in Africa is many times higher at night than during the day.
By law all accidents must be reported to Bobo Campers and the local Police within 24 hrs. If you are in a remote area all reasonable effort must be made to report an accident within this time-frame.
Failing to report accidents voids all insurance cover and the hirer becomes fully liable for all cost.
Take as many photographs of all vehicles involved as well as involved persons and their drivers licenses and their personal details.
Obtain an AR (accident report) number form the police on the scene. This proves the accident was registered by the police.
If the rental vehicle is involved in an accident or other incident, and is not drivable, a replacement vehicle, if available, may be collected from the closest branch.
If the hirer requires a replacement vehicle to be delivered, then these charges will be for the hirer's account.
None of the excess reduction options cover this process.
The hirer is responsible for the full recovery (e.g. towing) of the damaged vehicle to the nearest rental depot.
Should there be no replacement vehicle available, no refund for lost rental days will be considered.
If the hirer is unable or unwilling to take a replacement vehicle, no refunds for early termination of the contract will apply.
No refund of rental days lost will be considered during the period in which a replacement vehicle is being organized.
Should the hirer continue with a replacement vehicle then a new rental contract and insurance conditions will apply.

Personal injury and personal belongings
Personal injury and personal belongings are not covered by supplier's insurance. The client is therefore responsible to obtain their own travel insurance.

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